There are many advantages of Fibreglass:

  • Stronger and more adaptable than plastic
  • Chemical and heat resistant
  • Lighter and less expensive than steel
  • Moulded product able to be adapted to specific shapes for unique requirements

FibreConcepts can help turn your idea into a firm reality regarding many different uses.  Whether it is your new swimming pool or repairs to your spa pool, modifications to your boat or a customsed fibreglass requirement, we can help:


We manufacture a wide range of fibreglass tanks and products, these include water tanks, troughs, filter tanks for horticulture & marine farming.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Does your boat need repairs?  Do you have damage to your sailing vessel? Do you need new features on your yacht? Contact us to discuss your Marine fibreglass needs.

Swimming Pools

We construct or repair your fibreglass swimming pool or spa pool with strong long lasting UV resistant fibreglass.  We can make customised steps and shelf areas to make entry an exit easy from your pool simple and safe.  Call us for a quote.

Made to Order

We can manufacture fireglass moulds specific to your requirements.  We can create custom made fibreglass solutions - ask about our mobile service when you Contact Us

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