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Because of their strength and versatility, fibre composites offer an endless array of product solutions and uses. From boats, to showers, caravans, industrial, vehicle canopies, giant sculptures, to children’s play equipment. The composites industry is continually changing and fabricators need to keep up with the latest technology, products and techniques. We employ state of the art technology and management practices to ensure we do just that.

We have a real passion for composites and we manufacture and repair fibreglass product solutions. In addition to glass fibre, we also work with carbon fibre and Kevlar using resin infusion.  This is a relatively new technique in composite construction, to create quality composite laminate, with high fibre/resin ratio and perfect adhesion to core materials. This construction method includes state of the art infusion technology.

Our commitment to innovation means continually reinvesting so we’re able to offer customers the very best in composite solutions.

Our process

Because we’re skilled in a range of processes, we’re able to use the most efficient process for your project.

Hand Lay: Fibre reinforcement is placed into the mould and the catalysed resin is brushed on. This method offers good control of materials, enabling control of thickness and resin to glass ratio. It is suitable for low to medium volume where only one finished surface is required.

Spray Up: A chopper gun deposits chopped strand reinforcement and resin into the mould, making it good for complex shapes. This is an efficient method for large items, or high volumes of smaller items.

Resin Injection: Reinforcement is placed in the bottom half of the mould, which is closed before catalysed resin is pumped in under pressure until the mould is filled. This process is efficient for high production, precision machining, or when two moulded faces are required.

Vacuum Bag: for specialist applications, usually with Carbon and/ or Kevlar. Excess resin is drawn off and absorbed into a 'bleeder' cloth giving the highest strength to weight ratios. The vacuum bagging materials are discarded after each article.

Resin Infusion: Resin is introduced to a mould in a vacuum, delivering a precision finish with all the lightweight strength and benefits offered by modern composites, opening up whole new engineering opportunities.

Industrial and architect designed

Fibreconcepts manufacture, repair, refit, modify and protect all manner of high-performance composite surfaces used in architectural designed buildings and industrial manufacturing plant and custom built equipment.

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