FibreConcepts Tauranga knows what to do with fibreglass.

Fibreglass is versatile, light and very strong. It is a material consisting of matted fine glass fibres woven into fabric, such as a mat or tape. This material is made solid, light and strong by bonding fibreglass mat with synthetic resin glue using a catalyst. The process of bonding or ‘curing’ the resin creates a hard surface of any colour or shape. Fiberglass is resistant to heat and fire, is a good insulator as it is resistant to electricity. It can be used in both hot and cold weather because it does not expand and contract as much as other materials.

FibreConcepts Ltd manufacture fibreglass products using chop strand mats, polyester resin, and latex moulds. We use resins, cloths, epoxies, fillers, gelcoats, pigments, Kevlar, polyester and glass fibre, along with many specialised chemicals and materials.

Call us first to talk about your project.  We handle anything fibreglass from:

  • Speedway body kits to bus interiors
  • Windsurfers to catamarans
  • Shower cabinets to swimming pools
  • Spoiler kits to playground equipment

Fibreconcepts Ltd - Tauranga

We can design and build whatever fibreglass item you need. We fabricate specialised parts for any vehicle: Subaru, Hino, Luxury, Bonito or Chevrolet.

Fibre concepts construct and repair motor-sport parts, racing car bodies, bus parts, swimming pools, boat hulls, surfboards and tanks. We specialise in the manufacture of speedway car bodies, coach bus bumpers and interiors, sports car flares and spoilers.

If you need repairs to your fibreglass spa pool, a customised spoiler kit for your V8, or repairs to the surfboard which hit the rocks - we can help. If you need a strong durable water or effluent tank, swimming pool liner or customised shower cabinet, then talk to us first.

We perform laminating, alterations, restoration and repairs to anything fibreglass. Mould manufacture is an important part of our work – so if you need a mould made for a special project, call us to discuss an affordable solution.

FibreConcepts Ltd operate in the Bay of Plenty and courier fibreglass products to customers nationwide. We manufacture a wide range of specialized composite products made of glass fibre. 

Whether your job is domestic, commercial, architectural or marine ... Contact Us today to discuss your requirements.

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